Not shown: the song of goldfinches and red winged blackbirds, the rustle of the tall grass in the breeze, butterflies fluttering over the wildflowers

Tried something new

Went for a swim today at the spot at with no bridge, and left my bathing suit on the shore.

Shedding hang ups and body issues is giving me more happiness than I can describe.


Even a tile can be a writing prompt.

The first Firefly prompt, after dinner

I want writing to feel just like this:

The dragon of daily drudgery is blocking the entrance to the cave where the treasures lie, where realistic characters and plot twists sparkle like rubies and gold.

“None shall pass!” he growls.

“Ha!” I say as wheel my steed around and race toward him.

I raise my shield of unused story lines and charge. As I grow closer, I raise my other arm and build momentum with the full weight of my desire and unleash it on him.

He breaks apart into dust, dirty dishes and unwashed laundry.