Lockdown Saturday

  • Stranger Shores writing session. Such a relief to be among people who are writing weird shit too.
  • A walk and seeing some sunshine in the distance.
  • Sprawled on the couch, under a blanket and Max, reading.
  • A trip to Flesherton for take out at the Bicycle Cafe, where I saw this gloriously colourful odd painting. A cat? Maybe.
  • Rice pudding made by Keith.

Not my original thought

This was going to be a picture of the sun breaking though the clouds on the way home, sending one beam of sun over the snowy fields, just as I was listening to Ross Gay’s Book of Delights.

But this steampunk snowman in the middle of the driveway made me laugh out loud. Much more delightful IMHO.

It doesn’t take much

I was cold and sore and bored, and working myself past discomfort into one of those moods where my mind is nothing but snarls and growls.

I saw this bubble, perfectly balanced on the mouth of a low fill bottle, and I thought, hey look at that, a delight.

Mood reframed.