I am not going to count how many times I’ve started this. I just know I’m doing it again, and will try to figure out why I stopped so I can fix it.

Is it because it’s big and uncomfortable? We’ll see.


I met some interesting birdwatchers in Hespler as I was writing in my journal near the mill pond. I wrote about the encounters; I think they are good people for Jane to meet in her travels.

Short Finger

Stopped in to get brewing supplies for the pilot system, stayed for a few very delicious beer, a bahn mi from next door, and a great visit with Rob and Kat.

Plans change

Somedays it’s about doing the things I’d planned. Other days, it’s about wine in the sunshine, swimming in the sunshine, and getting a headache from the sunshine.

Note to self: bring a hat.

Opening and closing

All the windows (one 3x) in the Green Room came out, a nearly imperceptible amount shaved from the bottom of each one, and put them back in.

I am tired, bu they all open and close now without a fight.