The card that escaped the holder to fall to the bottom of my bag is the card I made specifically to remind me that writing makes me happy.

So write. Just write. Write.


I’ve wanted to make this for a while, but always got lost in the loosey-goosey nature of the pattern. I have a hard time parsing make it your own when the little voice is constantly whispering, but what if I do it wrong?.

So I said fuck it, and am using the technique to make a basic tube-like cowl until the yarn runs out. I’m adding randomness by using dice to determine the height of the contrast. I’ve second-guessed it a dozen times since casting on (but what if I’m doing it wrong?).

Shut up and finish it, I whisper back to the little voice.

Old tools

Keith’s mother’s scissors, found during yesterday’s flurry of organization.

There’s no plastic, no white metal, no shitty rivet. They feel solid in my hand, useful.


Going through my stash, putting things in the Ravelry database so I’ll know what I have, and also frogging several projects from the UFO pile that I realize that I will never finish, or wear if I do finish.

Smoot is not as helpful as she thinks she is.

Is it time yet?

A spring plant getting a too-early signal. If it knew the forecast (snow for the next 3-5 days), would it still push up into the warmth for a few days? Or stay curled below the ground waiting?


I’ve been starting a lot of projects since November, things that I want to start, yet have no desire really to finish. Like this Fantoosh shawl. I worked on it for a few evenings, then put it aside and forgot about it.

Insert something pithy here about planning, focus and directed energy.

Cookies and totems

Two delightful things; an unexpected invitation from Shelly to coffee at a swanky place with really good sugar cookies, and a surprisingly resonant piece from Seth Godin about totems.


Learning the Japanese art of Boro, or visible mending. I’m thinking of about a dozen ways I can have fun with this to revive my old Levi jacket.