It was one of the most chill birthdays ever, but it was perfect. I am grateful for the small things in a way I haven’t before. Grateful to Keith for Eggs Benedict, to Debbie for the small but mighty gesture of driving up to leave flowers at my door., to Luisa who made sure I have a ticket to Danny Michel’s free concert. To my brothers for their calls, to beer bffs for the texts throughout the day. And for this, once more delivered on the perfect day.

Sewing day

Sleeping in. Sewing all the masks for Su, with an interruption as Max wanted to sit on my lap for a while(!). Battlestar Galactica. Laughing with Keith.

Green room

Writing in the green room, listening to it rain while basking in the warmth from the heater. Blogging. Putting on a fake tattoo from Firefly. Knitting most of an F bomb. Learning how to do an Instagram story. Making an index of some of the things that I can do.

Declaring it a win

These are the four masks I made. It took me a few days to complete and post because I’d get so far into the making, and then remember the why of the making and would have to go and do something else.

It wasn’t a wonderful day; there were no walks or sunshine or good conversation. But the green room is usable, there is baking in the freezer, and there were conversations and texts with friends to make it less lonely.

I’m trying

Finishing the ‘germ’ masks even though they made me feel feel hopeless. Going for a walk in the sunshine with Keith even though I’d rather stay home and read. Meeting my friends online even though.I wanted to bail and be solo.

And it was worth it. I felt productive, refreshed and loved. I realized that the one thing I miss most is laughing with my friends.

Nothing to see here.

Today was not all that awesome. Anxiety was high, feeling stressed and alone. I knit a lot today while watching the Good Place and generally being fairly mindless. I tried a meditation walk; still ended up letting my mind solve bizarre problems that have exactly zero chance of ever happening.

My brain is an asshole.


Zoom so I can talk with writers and friends. Being close enough to waterfalls so we can go just when need to kill some time. Chinese takeout (although this caused some stress, social distancing and all), and finishing with a bubble bath and a beer made by friends.


The world is going to shit faster than you can say supercallifragilisticexpealidocious. But the tomatoes seeds have sprouted and spring is coming. Hope is restored.

Meet Zero Fox

A productive day, organized the beer room and finished 2 knitting projects. Made lemon loaf with its lovely alliteration. A snuggle session with both cats.