Morning Coffee Sessions

The morning writes that Chris does are wonders. I can feel myself cracking open with some of the prompts, thinking about the seasons and the slowness of the red fruit. This long slow spring is an opportunity to embrace that feeling I’ve longed for, rather than getting impatient with how slow the days are warming up. Sink into it. Relish it.

Suns out!

So much work done outside! Too busy to take a photo of the two dump runs, cutting back the hydrangeas, burning more brush in the fire pit. Here’s my embroidered circle for the day instead.


Local eggs , bacon and bread for breakfast. An enthusiastic greeting from my neighbour’s new dog. Small purple and white flowers strewn around the yard. A hot bubble bath with a fantasy series that is neither cheesy nor predictable. Temperature got up to 13.

Road trip

The sun was shining and everywhere we stopped was deserted. Pretty much perfect.


Thirty masks for a $300 credit to a Firefly course. Done. I had the course picked and paid for before I even finished these. It felt good to get them in the mail. I think the yellow and red ones are my fave.

I am lucky, and I know it. That we are spending this pandemic together and out of the city. It’s not to grumble though.


I spent about an hour and a half rethreading and adjusting the tension on this thing, which I’m sure is the amount of time I saved myself by serging the seams rather than just sewing and trimming them.

It’s the little things that add up

Missed the morning write with Chris because Facebook. Jammed a pin in my serger and now it keeps cutting thread. It’s snowed all fucking day, whiteouts on the way to get groceries.


A good playlist. Tea made by Keith after I yelled at the serger. A nearly empty grocery store. A BMWG meeting that I enjoyed. Almost finished the camp out mitts. Being warm and cozy.