Once a year

Would i love lilacs as much if they were around longer? Does it matter? I bury my face in the flowers and inhale, and forget for a minute that the world is a trash fire.

And now this

Covid is not stopping. America is rioting. The world is changing fast and hard, and the growing pains are…difficult.

Am I selfish for wanting to put all of that firmly out of my mind so I can concentrate on tomatoes and bird song and this slow life we have right now? Probably. It’s a large chunk of privilege that I am in a space where I can even ask that question.

Be a light

there is light somewhere.
it may not be much light but
it beats the darkness.

~ The Laughing Heart, Charles Bukowski


A very hot day. Gardening followed by a quick dip on the almost too cold river.

Holding the line

Planting sunflowers between the fence and the garlic while swatting away mosquitoes.

And here I say I can’t multitask anymore.


I would swear this door at Infinite Glassworks is winking at me.