No idea what was going on here.

Today, I am grateful for the folks who finished the beer judging last night, so I could go home early today. For the lack of cars on the lovely and winding Forks of the Credit. For a good coffee made by my guy. For my second favourite swimming spot being free of other humans. For a pulled port sandwich and an espresso flake ice cream cone.

Judging beer

The end result of 8 hours of judging NEIPAs, wood age sours and strong beers, and imperial stouts.
Note to self; don’t do that again please.

Still feel good…

I am grateful for this place that I can go to after work, to be by myself and commune with the river. The cool water slides over my skin and little fish nibble at the legs hairs I have missed when shaving. I don’t even flinch at them anymore.

Local reading

Borrowed from Sharon down the road, after hearing about her grandmother who spent her senior years building a stone bridge, because her male family members laughed at her when she fell in the water once.