Hop trellis

Second hand arbour on kijiji = $60
3 cans of red spray paint = $20
Painting, digging, setup, transplanting = 4 hours total
Having a space for the hops to thrive = priceless.
Now to wait until next year to see if it was a good idea.

Day’s end

I’m sitting on the cliff, writing and listening to my world. A tractor goes down 7th line, a pair of goldfinches cheep and Twitter their way across the sky, a cow lows in the distance, leaves rustle in the breeze. The sun dips behind the pines, making it comfortably cool. I look up to see a cottontail rabbit under the magnolia and a hummingbird perch on a ranch above it.

It is so fucking perfect here. I don’t want to be anywhere else.

New career?

I’ve decided to give up brewing and try my hand as a cardboard farmer. I’m told that in only a few weeks, this will sprout little cake boxes and in a month they’ll grow to packing boxes!

(no, not really. I’m just trying one of the methods to get rid of goutweed)