I met some interesting birdwatchers in Hespler as I was writing in my journal near the mill pond. I wrote about the encounters; I think they are good people for Jane to meet in her travels.

Plans change

Somedays it’s about doing the things I’d planned. Other days, it’s about wine in the sunshine, swimming in the sunshine, and getting a headache from the sunshine.

Note to self: bring a hat.

Opening and closing

All the windows (one 3x) in the Green Room came out, a nearly imperceptible amount shaved from the bottom of each one, and put them back in.

I am tired, bu they all open and close now without a fight.

Hop trellis

Second hand arbour on kijiji = $60
3 cans of red spray paint = $20
Painting, digging, setup, transplanting = 4 hours total
Having a space for the hops to thrive = priceless.
Now to wait until next year to see if it was a good idea.

Last time at the Hart House

It’s been a while since I went to the Hart House Beer Festival. Side Launch was pouring this year, so I took advantage of vendor pricing and took Katherine.

Gone was the CIUT DJ with his very cool chill beats. The food was good, but the selection was not nearly as extensive as I remember, and the best thing I ate was barbecued vegan sausage.

If this had been my first one, it would have been ok, but was found very lacking when compared to the others I’d attended. I doubt I’ll be back.

Day’s end

I’m sitting on the cliff, writing and listening to my world. A tractor goes down 7th line, a pair of goldfinches cheep and Twitter their way across the sky, a cow lows in the distance, leaves rustle in the breeze. The sun dips behind the pines, making it comfortably cool. I look up to see a cottontail rabbit under the magnolia and a hummingbird perch on a ranch above it.

It is so fucking perfect here. I don’t want to be anywhere else.

Drunken flotilla

A group of women of a certain age floated past my swimming spot, a flotilla of inner tubes, rafts, and small inflatable boats. Each had a beer, each had a laughing smile.

We talked back and forth until they floated away, their laughter echoing back to me as the river took them around a bend.