Short Finger

Stopped in to get brewing supplies for the pilot system, stayed for a few very delicious beer, a bahn mi from next door, and a great visit with Rob and Kat.


It’s been a decade or so since I saw Su.

I had been wondering, worrying, what would happen when saw each other again. I needn’t have worried.

We smiled, hugged hard, and slipped into our friendship as if I had never acted like a jerk. She gracefully accepted my apology and brushed it away.

Last time at the Hart House

It’s been a while since I went to the Hart House Beer Festival. Side Launch was pouring this year, so I took advantage of vendor pricing and took Katherine.

Gone was the CIUT DJ with his very cool chill beats. The food was good, but the selection was not nearly as extensive as I remember, and the best thing I ate was barbecued vegan sausage.

If this had been my first one, it would have been ok, but was found very lacking when compared to the others I’d attended. I doubt I’ll be back.

Twice in one year!

When your BFF lives on the other side of the planet, you take whatever opportunities you can to see her.

I know she’ll hate this photo, but I love it; we’re in the same room, reading, chilling and recovering.

Gracie in Toronto

Art Gallery of Ontario. Romni. Indoor waterfall. Graffiti Alley. Bar Chef. SukhoThai. The dog fountain in Berczy Park.

It was a beautiful day to hang out with this beautiful person and show her some of the things I love about Toronto.