Got ’em!

I have long coveted Michael and Oliver’s red overalls, and had secretly hoped to win a pair of my own at Side Launch. I was disappointed when the decision was made to stop entering competitions. But Michael had two pairs and was purging, so I get a pair on a bit of a technicality (hey, I made the beer that won world wide golds, right?).

It’s a good Monday

Deer crossing the road on my morning commute. The taste of coffee and the smell of the mash in the quiet mornings. The cheerful voices of my coworkers as they come in, people I like working with. Seeing a rainbow arcing across a patch of blue sky after a dull rainy morning. The taste of a perfect butter tart from the bakery on my way home. #brewerlife #itsagoodlife #gratitudeweek2019

It’s a good life

Two years ago today I had what I thought was a completely disastrous interview. So bad that I sat in my car and cried when it was done.

Here I am today, taking sunrise brewhouse shots, waiting for the day to unfold: people I like to work make it a fun way to spend the work day, home to the yellow house and the man I love more than I thought possible, off to a community fish fry and then to yoga.

Yes, it’s a very good life.


I was distracted by a conversation and so missed the moment when I should have turned off the sour coming into the mash mixer for preheating. Even with the clamps off, there was very little leaking.