Tried something new

Went for a swim today at the spot at with no bridge, and left my bathing suit on the shore.

Shedding hang ups and body issues is giving me more happiness than I can describe.


At that spot on the river where I can let the cool water flow over me, let the sun dry my skin, listen to the birds and the gurgling of water over rocks, and generally be a quiet part of the world.

New ‘do

Something as simple as a haircut has me picking apart and reacquainting myself with my thoughts on personal, private and public identities.

I don’t care if you think I look better with it longer, more colourful, etc. All I care about is that I like this haircut. I like how it feels under my fingers. I like the ease of stepping out of the shower and towel drying it. And I like how I can’t hide behind it.