At that spot on the river where I can let the cool water flow over me, let the sun dry my skin, listen to the birds and the gurgling of water over rocks, and generally be a quiet part of the world.


Transplanted this variegated goutweed from Mike’s place to fill in the crappy side garden. Hope the floppiness is from the move, and is not indicative of my gardening abilities.

Gracie in Toronto

Art Gallery of Ontario. Romni. Indoor waterfall. Graffiti Alley. Bar Chef. SukhoThai. The dog fountain in Berczy Park.

It was a beautiful day to hang out with this beautiful person and show her some of the things I love about Toronto.

New ‘do

Something as simple as a haircut has me picking apart and reacquainting myself with my thoughts on personal, private and public identities.

I don’t care if you think I look better with it longer, more colourful, etc. All I care about is that I like this haircut. I like how it feels under my fingers. I like the ease of stepping out of the shower and towel drying it. And I like how I can’t hide behind it.