Friday Night

I didn’t get the job, which was disappointing, but Burke and Amy came over and we talked and roasted marshmallows, so I’m declaring Friday night a win.

Hope in a glass

This is delicious. Fruity, nuanced, wonderful.

Makes me remember just how much I love brewing…i want to learn to make something just like this. I’m spending the next few days hoping like hell I can.


The phone cameras night sight mode has completely failed to capture just how the Magnolia blossoms glowed against the darkening sky.


I have hit the wall. I just can’t get excited about anything right now. Yes it’s spring, but we’re still in coronavirus hell, and I just can’t.

On 25

I stopped at the falls on 25 on my way home, to pick some forsythias.

I don’t think I’v ever seen white violets before. Would it be horrible of me to come and dig some up?