I am grateful for my mum, who taught me to read when I was 4. For regular visits to the library as a family. For musty paperbacks and heavy deckle-edged hardcovers. For ebooks I don’t have to leave home for. For the used ereader that has been hard used over the last three years. For the new one with the bigger screen.

I am grateful for books, and writers of books.


These were the first socks I made, knitting them at the first Firefly retreat I attended. I remember coming out of my bedroom with a finished sock in my hand, so proud, showing everyone. “Hey, I made a sock!”

I wore holes in them but could never bring myself to throw them out. I’ll learn how to darn. I told myself.

Well after watching many YouTube videos, I realized these were beyond darning. I remembered what kitty said once about taking out one row, and presto, they are back on my needles to have the toe reknit. They will be better than new; they hold on it one but two creation stories.


This cream is amazing, and smells divine. It was a gift from Janine, the queen of the bees, along with beeswax candles that also smell divine.


It felt good to sit near the window and watch the woodpecker at the tree, the patterns of the shadows on the snow, and the sun on my face.