Well that was fun (/sarcasm)

The perfect pattern for a brewer named Goodale, a pattern named Ninkasi designed by a woman named Goodale.

Pity it was such a PAIN IN THE ASS to make. I must have frogged and tinked back about 10 times.

Off site

We spent five hours in a car driving to London for a part. It was a sunny day, and a nice drive, but I wanted to be home as much as when I was home I wanted to get out.

Resonated and rippled out

Note to self: Brainpickings.org will fail to delight and inspire if you let it.

Today’s post was about Mary Ruelfe, who I found out wrote that great post about menopause that I love so much. She writes about the colours and types of sadness in such a way that I bought the book without too much grumbling that I couldn’t find it free at the library. Lines like this will need to be reread.

Pink sadness… is the sadness of shame when you have done nothing wrong